Finding a Good Personal Trainer in Manchester

When deciding on personal training in Manchester there are without a doubt a great number of trainers you may consider. But there are always a few things you should be aware before choosing your trainer in Manchester. You must make sure that you ask the right questions and this will help you to decide whether they have the skills to really help you.

Make sure that they have a level 3 qualification in personal fitness and ideally you want to check that they’re registered with REPs. Check their insurance document and ask to speak with one or more of their current clients. This could really help you to make sure they are competent and have a decent track record. Ask them a few questions. Try these ones:-
1) What is the best way to get a 6-pack?
If they answer, lots of sit-ups and crunches.. you may want to run. No amount of core work will give you a 6-pack unless you burn your belly fat. The best way to get a 6-pack is fat burning exercises and most commonly in the form of high-intensity interval training. Some of the best 6-packs I’ve ever seen in clients are from those that do no crunches or sit-ups whatsoever.
2) Should I be buying supplements?
If they answer yes (or worse, yes and I can get them for you) run a mile. No decent trainer spends their time pedaling supplements nor really recommends you spend your money buying them. A decent trainer will encourage you to exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet.


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Personal Training in Manchester

I have spent over 12 years working as a fitness trainer and remain one of only a handful of advanced, level 4 qualified personal trainers in Manchester. My experience spans gym training, home and park-based routines and many group training sessions. Here I present my own blog for those interested in following health and fitness news. Many friends and colleagues think that working as a Personal Trainer must be very glamrous and full of celebrities. In fact for most of my career I have never trained any celebrities. I prefer working with regular people who work in regular jobs – just everyday clients who could be a teacher, fireman or office worker. I believe that anyone can make great improvements to their health and fitness by simply following a healthier lifestyle with regular exercise.

My days are quite different but most require an early start to the day. For those wanting to become personal trainers you should be prepared for your alarm waking you up at 5.00am! I actually don’t mind as the early starts mean that I can get up train a client and come home for breakfast for 7.00am. I usually train customers in the local gym as there is plenty of equipment available which means I can really offer a varied training session.

My subsequent clients are often home-based which involves traveling to them. This is great because it gives me a change of scenary and sessions are more private so you tend to get to know the clients better in their own surroundings. In the afternoons and evenings I have sessions that are mainly outdoors and in the park. I particularly enjoy the variety that can be achieved with group training and many of my sessions are based upon bootcamp style classes.

Over the next few weeks I intend on providing a blog of my days and also information that other trainers may find useful about how I run my business and manage my time and my clients.

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